How to make the most of your apples


We just got back with 90 bottles of The Hintons apple juice from Pasture Farm. This year we combined our cookers, eaters and pears from our very old 'Petit Poire" tree, which produced a crisp, sweet, clear juice. We've made our own label and look forward to serving it for breakfast. 

As the pears are bountiful but so small we've pureed a lot of them which is delicious with natural yogurt and an autumn family favourite, roast partridge with pureed pears & parsnips served with creamy mash.

We've got a bumper crop of apples this year so plenty have been blanched and frozen along with blackberries from the hedgerows ready for crumbles which we not only eat for pudding but are great for breakfast as my recipe is packed with plenty of oats.

My freezer is now full of wonderful garden produce so I'm carefully storing some apples in the garage.  It's very important to only store perfect apples and wrap them carefully in newspaper and store in cardboard boxes.  

So all that is left now is to start the chutney ready for Christmas!