The Traditional Village Show

Ibstone has held its village show on the first Saturday in August for many, many years. The week before, locals can be seen checking under the covers of giant marrows and talking softly to tomato plants. Children are busy painting their clay insects and photographers are printing off their favourite pet photo. The W.I. are a fearsome team to behold as chutneys, jams and Victoria sponge cakes are made ready for the 'Best Homemade Product' cup.

We learned to expect torrential rain at some point during the day and this year was no exception, however it didn't keep folk away and once again The Ibstone Show had a bumper year.

'The Hintons' took charge of the Produce Stall.  We sold our homemade apple and pear juice (which we serve at breakfast time), green bean chutney and fig & walnut loaves, as well as our friends and neighbours' jams, chutneys, cakes, loaves and an abundance of vegetables.  There was something for everyone - honey from local bees to help with allergies and posies of lavender to decorate rooms and scent wardrobes.

Some serious bartering took place to the tunes of the old organ grinder and the competing cries of joy from winners at the coconut shy and wellie wanging stall. Finally the judging was over and the show tent opened.  A great triumph this year for the youngest Hinton who won the Pat Bewick Cup. Whistles and applause went up us as she collected her winning cup from Lady Getty. 

No better way to end the day with a village BBQ and settle the disputes over the size of ones neighbours' onions!